Thursday, 15 September 2011

Just your average Thursday

A moment to sit and nothing to do.

I've earn't my coffee tonight. I have been going fast since I woke up this morning. Josephine had a playdate with a kindy friend so Grace and I baked. We baked from the minute I got home from the school run, to the time I had to go back to school.

I bought these rose buds from a deli in the city, not sure what they were for but seduced by their pretty colours and amazing scent. I think they look so cute crowning my carrot and chocolate cakes. Pretty, delicious and smell like roses, what more could a cupcake offer?

Cate had her school assembly today. I arrived at school with her costume, ribbons, hairbrush and left the cakes in the car with the window down to prevent them from sweating. It was hot! Grace had flushed cheeks and I was starting to perspire myself, from running around.

The minute the assembly started, so did the torrential rain. I videoed Cate dancing and her small speaking part, then my camera ran out of memory and I had to dash to the car and wind up the window before the car became a mobile swimming pool. So much excitement and anticipation and I missed half of the act, and so did Dean because my camera died! Bugger.

I still had my sense of humour, even after we all got drenched running to the car after school, and arriving at my friends house like a family of drowned rats. She'd had a baby in May and I've not met the pink bundle until today. Probably a good thing, as she was divine. After sharing the pretty cakes, I had room in my bag to wrap her up and sneak her home. {Sigh} I still have her smell on my clothes which is making my ovaries groan with every breath in.

What a lovely, busy, social day. I loved seeing my friend again and her sweet son and new baby. I must be a better friend and visit more often. I was also really chuffed with my girls today. They didn't win a race, or get a fabulous grade on a test today, but they made me proud to be their mum. They really are such sweet girls, friendly, polite, considerate children who I'm sure will grow up to be treasured friends and admired peers.

Happy Thursday!

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