Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend at Relly's

A quick post to share some photos of my birthday girl to be rocking "farm wear". Her silver glitter sneakers teamed with Cate's coral tutu and a pair of knee high socks, make her a superstar in waiting! I love how she puts together an outfit - cute, but not really appropriate for the farm!

We spent Saturday night at my cousin's farm near my school reunion. His gorgeous wife looked after my girls, with their three kids, while he snored on the couch. (Thanks Relly x) Their three kids have birthdays within a month of my big three, the trouble is that her middle child is a boy. He and Rose get stuck together, meaning she does a lot of running and grubby stuff. Grace just follows one of the pairs around that she feels is doing something fun. All in all, they come home exhausted but having had the best fun.

Grace slipped in to this collage by demanding to be photographed!
The other girls were off playing with their cousins.

I have every intention of doing a post all about the reunion but need to be less one migraine.

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