Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rose chose riding lessons!

Rose has started the celebrations for her birthday this weekend. She had a friend stay for a sleep over last night which, much to my surprise, was relatively pain-free! Like my post from last Sunday, the pain has just begun as the girls start to show signs of having overindulged in fun this weekend!

I am a little sleep deprived and exhausted from being the entertainment to five little girls, but it is a happy exhaustion. I always lay awake at night when I have someone else's child in the house. I worry that they will wake scared or confused and I will have to make a late night call to their worried parents to come and collect them.

My girls are allowed a party every second year for their birthday and it is a party year for Rose. As we don't really have a house that can cater for a bunch more little girls, I went searching for a party hosting plan. I purchased 12 passes to a riding school that could be used as a trail ride birthday party for herself and 11 friends, or she could use it for a term of riding lessons. She chose the lessons!

I had horses as a child so I am a little happy that one of my girls has shown an interest, but also terrified of the commitment! I am hoping it will be our special bond and her moment to shine. I can't believe that in just over a week, she will be seven, she is still so much our baby, needing a lot of reassurance and constant contact. Such a talented and beautiful child but still so unsure of herself. Just as well, because if she had confidence, she would be dangerous. Heaven help us, when she is seventeen!

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