Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Seven and still smiling!

Tomorrow is my angel, Rose's seventh birthday.

Just six months after giving birth to our twins, we found out we were pregnant again. After confirming there was only one baby, I settled into being pregnant, enjoying a trouble free pregnancy - for about 5 months!

I started feeling ill, my urine had turned black and I became jaundiced - my liver was shutting down. I'd contracted the CMV virus and was also diagnosed with cholestasis.

Cholestasis is a liver disease that only occurs during pregnancy, the symptoms were exactly as listed plus excessive itching, I spent long nights in the bath trying not to scratch my skin off. The other major problem with my diagnosis was that babies born after 37 weeks had a high risk of stillbirth. Still trying to come to terms with a stillbirth the previous year, I was induced at 36 weeks. Rose's birth was my best. She was only 6lb 5oz and perfect in every way.

Knowing her has made my life so much better. She is funny, smart, loving, thoughtful, sensitive, imaginative and infectious. She is the little girl with the curl, a perfect contradiction - perfect, pretty, precious, yet emotional, energetic and sometimes evil (I mean that in the nicest possible way).

These photos are all taken over a six month period, but she hasn't changed a bit. She is a complete ratbag!

Happy birthday my sweet baby. I hope you have the most wonderful day and amazing life. Save me a million birthday cuddles and kisses. I love you so much and hope all your dreams come true - I know you will make sure of it.


  1. Wow, she looks so much like Grace in these pics! Hope she has a fabbo day :-)

  2. Yes, doesn't she!

    They are so alike in so many ways. Both of them have some much life in them and are definitely the source of most of our laughter. So much life in such little people. Very proud.

  3. Out of the 4 girls, Rose has always reminded me the most of when Dean was a baby. I still see him in her all the time.


  4. My beautiful girl such an honor to watch you join this world! You drove me nuts as a toddler but wow how I love that nature now! You always much me smile and want to squeeze you til you pop! I love you so much!

  5. That post sound like it was from me. To clarify - my sister was present at her birth - that was from her.


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