Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sew beautiful Saturday

Today's weather was beautiful. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed outside, so I cooked and sewed whilst trying to pretend the sunshine wasn't begging my presence.

I made a batch of Thermomix vegetable stock and my own variation of cauliflower soup. Rose is having a sleepover at a friends house, and as she is the non-soup-eater in our house, thought it an opportunity to have soup for dinner.

Cate had been fishing through a pile of material I collect for no reason except that I love having it, and decided she wanted to make a skirt. Using the pattern here, she went about sewing it all by herself, only watched by me. (I did iron seams for her too). It turned out amazing! This is beginner, adult quality, I am so proud.

It made it easier that Josephine was at the farm, watching the 'monster trucks' with her cousin. Not that monster trucks are her thing, but she was excited to be going away with her aunty without her sisters. With her and Rose gone for the afternoon, having just two girls was a breeze! Strawberry Shortcake amused Grace while Cate sewed and I did "stuff".

Now I just need to find something to keep us inside for the rest of this lovely day. Hmmm, anyone for cards?

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