Sunday, 9 October 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Home. Well technically I am back at my MIL's house, but it is home for now.

We weren't supposed to be home until tomorrow, but as always, we have another hold up at the house. I have been very fortunate to have had my recent getaways, but honestly, I would just love to be in my own home.

The walls are up on the ground floor and the second storey was to begin its erection tomorrow, but after being viewed by a number of people, including the council, engineers, builders, Dean etc etc, a very important part of the plan is askew!

On one set of plans, the second storey and roof will apparently sit safely on a stud wall, but on another set of plans (not necessarily the most recent) it is resting on a brick wall. This means pulling up our existing floorboards, installing footings and building a brick wall in the middle of our house, which we would have happily done, about 3 months ago! There is an easy fix, run a beam across to an existing brick wall, but it does need to be discussed with the powers that be (the builder/engineer - not the council).

I am not sad to be home, I am not even upset by the halt in what was our first real week of work on our house, I am however, saddened by the fact that I'm immune to it now. While on holiday, Dean finally admitted that we won't be home by Christmas. I think when I have to put up the tree here, I might spend a few days in mourning. I now plan on being a good girl and ask Santa that we at least be home before the new school year. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh fingers crossed. There's nothing worse than waiting for building to be done - and 'you'll be in by Christmas' have to be the most over-rated words ever! It's going to be great in the New Year, though!


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