Monday, 31 October 2011

BOW Award - Rose

After being presented with a romantic card and gift on the morning of our anniversary, Dean then chose to not return the gesture. Spousal suicide! Perhaps the three days of silent treatment was a convenient holiday for his ears, I don't know, but when I mentioned his faux pa to family and friends, they were shocked (maybe even scared for his life - and rightly so).

Dean is not known for his acts of romance. I am lucky when there is an occasion where he is forced to make and effort, and he actually does. He shows it more by his everyday actions. A coffee, sitting on the bench, ready for me to take on the school run each morning, crowned with a foam shaped heart. The way he cleans utensils before using them on my food, because he knows I am completely crazy, and don't want my food touched by anything that has touched meat - now that is love.

Our CHOGM long weekend was spent working up a sweat at our house. Dean knocked down walls and I removed nails from secondhand jarrah floorboards. Rose would have to take out the Best on Worksite Award - she ploughed through nail after nail, removing them one at a time with a crowbar. I was so proud of her - not a single complaint, a complete workhorse. Dean comes a close second, I am sure he aged 10 years over the weekend from pure exhaustion and stress induced sleep deprivation.

Workmen on site today - yeh!
Our old bathroom now has no wall.
It will be built out to where the photo starts
and include a full size shower/bath and double vanity. 
Today Grace went back to the podiatrist. Apparently her feet are still "deformed" but she has a little more movement in her ankles than this time last year. We lost one of her orthotics a few months ago and she has been unable to walk for more than a few minutes at a time without pain. In two weeks she will have two new, purple shoe inserts that will mean no fancy shoes, but pain-free, "sensible" feet.

Grace getting her feet re-cast.
Of course, today is Halloween. My three big girls went trick-or-treating with Nanna back in our home neighbourhood. Cate and Rose were witches (original, I know), and Josephine was a punk/cheerleader/doll/mumhasnoideawhoIam.

Thanks Nanna for helping out at the house this weekend, for sitting while Dean and I went out for an anniversary beer (sigh, Dean's attempt to gain forgiveness) and for taking the big girls trick-or-treating while I went to the chiro and podiatrist with Grace. Big green, candy coated kiss.

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