Sunday, 23 October 2011

A deadline!

A deadline. Not just a date thrown at Dean by me, but a contract of completion!

We met with our kitchen guru yesterday to discuss our new kitchen, and he informed us we had 7 weeks to be ready for installation. I was overcome with nausea as the rain fell, wetting us as we stood in the kitchen to be, sheltered by no windows or roof and standing on an unfinished floor.

 Ok a second storey is starting this week (I know we've all heard it before - but it is true this time), and a glazier is just a phone call away but all things come in order and there is a lot of things before the kitchen!
  1. Rest of the roof removed
  2. Beams installed
  3. Internal walls removed
  4. Electrics/plumbing 
  5. Ground floor ceiling
  6. Timber framed walls
  7. Gyprock
  8. Floorboards
  9. Windows
  10. Doors
I am sure I have forgotten some things, but that is a lot already and I think I just threw up in my mouth! (Sorry)

So, to calm my nerves, I made a few lists. Lists make me feel like I have a little perspective and all things are achievable, especially if you litter it with jobs that can be crossed off quickly, superficial jobs that aren't really a challenge, but are there to fool your subconscience.

I also made a "wishlist" of things I want need - important things like a new dinner set (currently I have no bowls, they seem to smash easier than plates???). Towels - who wants crappy towels thrown on the floor hanging in a sparkling new bathroom? And then there are the things that conveniently need to be replaced like our toaster and iron (it died from neglect). 

So if I look a little frazzled, it's because I am. Don't cut me off as I may honk and wave unladylike fingers in your direction. Don't ask me to babysit your kids (or don't be surprised if they have a nervous tick on their return), and please, don't hold the next seven weeks against me, I am sorry in advance!

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