Friday, 7 October 2011

Happy holidays

It has been absolutely wonderful on holiday, relaxing as a family. We have thrown away all of the "rules" and let the girls control most of our break.

They have been at the beach, with no hat or sleeves, in the cold, just being kids. Late nights, bubble baths, ice cream, sausages in buns and sandcastles. We had a few sniffles at the start, and the occasional grumpy girl at night, but otherwise it has been fantastic.

Today we went caving. In theory it sounded like a wonderful idea, until the tour guide told us we were going 375m underground - panic. We slowly ventured down the steep steps, Dean holding Grace so she didn't tumble into the canyons. I was behind them crying in silence so I didn't frighten the girls. I hate confined spaces, being underground, heights and places that make it difficult for me to ensure the girls' safety - caving! My legs were shaking, I felt like I had run a marathon, my heart was racing and I was light headed and teary. I was still bursting into tears an hour later thinking about it. Meanwhile, the girls had the best time, even Grace handled the 350 stairs without so much as a moan.

Yesterday we went for a drive to Augusta. I have never been there before, and was so amazed at how neat and perfect it was. Here are some photos from yesterday. (No photos of the cave, couldn't hold the camera and the railing at the same time!)

In real life, she has a bumpy run and tiny little steps,
but whenever she is photographed, she always looks so ladylike. 

I overheard Dean ask Grace today, "who made you the boss?"
I had to remind him that she has been the boss around
here since the minute she was born!
She listens to no one.

We tried this with all of the girls, but Josephine's was the best.
Grace, unknowingly, had a man between her and the lighthouse, making
it look like she had chopped his head off.

We came across this little pink house in Augusta,
looking exactly like a dolls house.
It had little black and white striped awnings. So cute.
* Note to Dean - wedding anniversary present!!
(I've got more chance of him letting me paint our house pink,
and even that is slim!)

Not really made for small people, but Rose will always find a way!
I think that Dean and I might take home some of our adopted rules. The girls have displayed an amazing amount of camaraderie since being here. There have been very few arguments and they have just loved being together. 

I love being on holiday.

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