Friday, 14 October 2011

Heart shaped chicken and HOP

The dress code for today was strictly pyjamas only, (although our visitors came in clothes - my girlfriend and her kiddies gate crashed for lunch). Luckily I had on some jimmy jams that are much more appealing that my actual bed attire - Dean's footy socks and a long grey jumper.

The girls and I had a pj movie day. They went shopping yesterday and purchased party food, so today started with spaghetti, porridge and yoghurt ice creams! 

Now I'm sure all you mums know that "pj party" is actually an alias for a day of fast food, no chores and slothing! I get to cuddle on the couch with my girls and watch kid's movies. We have fish fingers with butterfly and heart shaped chicken nuggets for lunch (no food shaped such a way can be good for you), and snacks consisting of more yoghurt ice cream, avocado and strawberries. As you can see, there is no actual menu, they just eat what they like, even if they don't really go together very well.

A few months ago, Cate went through a Roald Dahl reading frenzy. She read about ten of his books within a few months, so fittingly, Matilda was our first movie for the day. I'd not seen Matilda before either and enjoyed it just as much as the girls. Grace sat staring at the screen, her expression becoming more and more grave as the principal terrorised the children in the movie. She was hilarious. By the end I had three perched on my lap, while Cate who knew the ending, didn't flinch.

Our afternoon movie was Hop. With quilts, blankets and pillows carpeting the lounge room floor, the girls sat, still in their pyjamas, and watched in silence. I love school holidays. We don't get to do this on days when Daddy is home as he can't sit still long enough. The last day of the holidays, have now unwittingly become a lazy day tradition.  (Technically they don't go back until Tuesday, but I work on Monday.)

Some days were just meant to consist of cuddles, bedtime couture and cinema, although, no day is perfect without - chocolate!

P.S. My next post will be my 100th, maybe a celebratory champers is in order.

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