Monday, 17 October 2011

Spring miracle

Oh sun, why must you taunt me?

The bricklayers are solar powered, and when you don't grace us with your warming rays, my home cries rain on my precious, undressed floorboards.

My big girls moan, strangled in their shirts and ties, restricted by their handsome winter uniform, gleefully waiting in anticipation for today - the first day of summer uniform! But, due to your appalling attendance we had the "school jumper standoff" again this morning.

Dressed in their sweet, summery school attire, coughing with the remains of a cold from your last hiatus, they promptly refused to wear the school straightjacket. Sigh.

But, the absence of sunshine didn't deny us four amazing little girls this morning. By the break of dawn, they had dressed, brushed, cleaned, washed, made beds (big helping little), packed school bags (including making their own sandwiches) and cooked and eaten breakfast. I rose to a tidy, straightened house, resembling that of the night before, adorned with four perfectly presented princesses. Amid the lack of sunshine, there was a spring miracle!

 Happy Tuesday.

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