Sunday, 16 October 2011


Because it was my MIL's birthday while we were on holidays, we decided on an impromtu Sunday sunning by the pool, followed by a bbq. My MIL and NIL (Nanna in law) stayed for dinner, but the tiny little pool here did overflow during the day, with my SIL, BIL and nephews too.

My MIL and NIL are two amazing women. Not only has my MIL moved out to live with NIL so we can stay in her home, she also spends three days a week looking after my and Dean's sister's children, while we work. 

I come home from work and the girls are in their pjs, fed and exhausted. Nanna has played with them, cleaned up after them and entertained their every whim. The floors are vacuumed and washed (even though I did them the day before), and all washing that has not been hidden in drawers, is washed and ironed (including underwear).

They come to all of the kids special occasions and are always there for us in any way imaginable. I feel completely blessed to have them both in my life, and would never divorce Dean just to keep them in my life!!

Today they both sat outside and watched the grandies frolicking in the pool for hours, and then were dished up a bbq with one salad and potato bake - not much in return for what they do for us! (In my defence, Dean did the shopping and it was very last minute.) 

Happy birthday Lyn and thank you and Nanna for all that you do. We love you both very much.

Here are some happy snaps...

Grace was running around in her pyjama top with no underwear on while these shots were taken, hence why she is not featured here.

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  1. MIL and NIL are two special people. Unbelievably generous and good hearted. LB.


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