Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I feel my addiction to home magazines may require an intervention!

Overwhelmed by a rare moment with only one child, I found myself standing in front of a dizzying display of magazines. Seduced by the stylised callout, "clever ideas for indoor & outdoor kitchens for people who love to entertain", I walked my new magazine to the register, eagerly envisioning a bit of coffee and homeware heroin later that night. 

Three hours later, with four comatose kiddies, I open the glossy pages and feelings of familiarity flooded me - this is the same magazine that only last week I opened to find I had purchased the week before!

Three copies of the same magazine. Copies one and two sneakily stacked amongst a pile of similar magazines, version three still gracing the bench acting as a diversion for Dean.

I can only conclude that a subscription is in order and let's be honest, I am going to buy them anyway. So my prepared defence for Dean is, I used one copy for my reno scrapbook and another complete copy for coffee breaks, as for the third... decoration? 

Hi my name is Joanne and I have a magazine addiction, and this week sees the beginning of the Christmas editions - heaven help me!

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  1. Sorry...but that's funny. Love reading your updates. Jane M


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