Saturday, 12 November 2011

Captioning our weekend away

Sisterly love while ferry (a.k.a. fairy) waiting.
Josephine getting wet on deck!
Check in, then check out the view from our verandah.
Everyone enjoyed the blow up beach games.
(Even me who with a suspected throat infection, needed a sit in the sun.)
Snow angels in the sand.
Josephine alerting all of Rottnest she made it to the top.
"Muuuuuuuum, looooook at meeeeeee."
The casualties of too much beach fun.
(Josephine left, Grace right)
Rose lost her second tooth, in the sand, and then found it again.
$2 from the TF, the start of her money making weekend.
The $50 winning sand castle. Easy cash, they were the only
kids that didn't have an adult help, so got the sympathy vote for having crappy parents.
Oh, and the best design!!
(A bar on the beach = kids build sandcastles, parents drink beer.)
Josie and Grace's entry. Mum, Dad and the four kiddies.

Sigh. Kids are so brutality honest.

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