Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Doing Dean's dirty work!

I came into this renovation completely prepared. A degree by correspondence in interior design (aka a subscription to House and Garden). I studied weekly with the school of the air (Foxtel's Lifestyle channel), and I have mood boards of inspiration and ideas - Pinterest.

I researched products for their energy efficiency and made price comparisons. I am fluent in building lingo, "Pass me the phillips head screwdriver from over near the two by four".

Dean and I would scoff at the unprepared renovators on tv, making costly changes to their homes after they had been built, surprised they hadn't noticed the oddity on the plans. We had checked our plans a thousand times - they were perfect.

Except for the one part that isn't. Gasp, an oddity on the plans. The problem is, rather than notice it on paper, I noticed it on the completed timber framed walls, erected where our laundry and office will be.

Luckily, we haven't gyprocked them - unluckily, Dean is refusing to tell the man with the hammer and forcing me to do it! To prevent an issue with WorkSafe Australia, I chose to leave little messages, hoping he will be warmed by my humour. He is not due back on site until next week, so currently the note sits on the floor waiting in fear for his return.

Sadly, my only means of correspondence at the house
was packing paper and the odd crayon. 
Mike, I am truly sorry, I will bring cupcakes/beer for you and Mark. Think of it as extra spending money for Perth Cup. Dean, you should be ashamed of yourself, making your poor little wife butter up the men with the (nail) guns!

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