Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy 11.11.11

I think I am finally organized. A weekend away is needed after packing four kids for a weekend away. I will probably need another weekend away when I get home and catch up with all of the washing and unpacking - a vicious circle really!  Our car is packed to the brim with five bikes, suitcases, bags and then somehow I need to fit the children in.

I love the fact that Rottnest has no cars or taxis but I hate the fact that Rottnest has no cars or taxis. Our last trip saw me riding home at eleven pm with three frozen, little girls crammed into a bike trailer, and me in a summery dress and stilettos, trying to navigate our way back to our cabin in the dark. Dean followed carrying an esky whilst pushing Grace in the pram. Stupidity. This year, 2 girls ride themselves, we buy drinks at the venue and I wear jeans and boots (with a heel, I wasn't traumatized enough to wear flats).

I think the amusing part of Rottnest for Dean and the girls is not seeing me on a bike, but on the ferry. Not even a couple of frolicking whales can calm me, in fact, they make me worse. The girls run to the edge and I have to make the decision to either wet myself and shoo them back to their seats, or hope that someone else will jump in and save them if they fall. I spend the whole trip in tears and my elevated heart rate burns off three kilos in sweat.

Ferry ride over, I am sure I will have the best time and will be posting some happy snaps on my return.

Happy Rememberance Day. Happy to live in a wonderful, beautiful, free country. Lest we forget.

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