Monday, 28 November 2011

House Update 29.11

Unusually, the past week went by uneventfully. This time of year is typically hectic for most families and including a renovation deadline into the mix, you would expect chaos, but no.

Thanks to my amazing friend Ness, I had a child-free day at the house on Saturday to plod along with those jobs that take time, but don't show for much. Among other things, I squeezed myself and the electric hedge trimmer between a pile of old timber, left over rent-a-fence and prickly, pelvis-high weeds to manicure what was left of our rosemary hedge. You can't see it, but I'm hoping to peel away the rubble one day soon and be graced with a divine display of perfect roses surrounded by a Sunday lunch smelling hedge.

Today was the first day back for Mike. I found it amusing that Dean had to meet him at the house this morning at 6.30am to help with some lifting - this meant he was there to explain my random apologies and wood scrawled requests.  By the time I arrived with cupcakes and three little girls for protection, he offered a smile and voila, we were friends again. (Cupcakes are the answer to all life's problems - except obesity.)

Tomorrow the exterior cladding starts and we have to confirm our render colour. Our beautiful bi-fold doors should also be installed this week and then glass, (and a laundry door) is all that prevents us from being secure. Our baths, toilets and fixtures have all arrived and sit patiently waiting to be fitted, I think, for a few hours at least, I can relax and know it is not long now.

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