Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Surrounded by scaffolding

So far this week I have relied on the girls' Halloween treats to maintain a socially acceptable demeanor. A sugar high, a sweet, emotional pick-me-up and most importantly as a bribe reward for the kiddies.

Waves of excitement, anticipation and fear have consumed me as the house has gone from a lonely worksite to a stressful hive of activity. The second storey is framed and today the scaffolding was erected, leaving our home resembling teenage teeth covered in braces!

I have been perusing paint charts, lighting websites and bathroom inspiration as things are ordered, leaving me frazzled and my brain aching. I am trying to combine the art deco period features of the home with a modern feel and second guessing my decisions on an hourly basis.

This weekend we are off to Rottnest for a beach break. We are taking the bikes (I've had mine for 9 years and have only used it once) and I am really looking forward to a break from the house and having some family time with Dean.

Cate recounted our last Christmas break to Rottnest in the car this morning, announcing in front of Rose and Josephine how the best part about Dad's work Christmas parties was, "the strange man dressed in the bad Santa suit giving her presents". When did she grow up? I patiently told her that the real Santa is quite busy in November, making her presents and that it is polite to pretend for the others. Phew, dodged a bullet!

Anyway, below is how special my house is looking today, and then a couple of pics I found of how nice my garden used to be. Oh well, I am determined to get it back to it's beautifulness asap.

That is our never-been-used pool in the bottom left.

The yellow snow is from a tree that had to be removed to get the pool in.
Every Christmas morning we had a blanket of yellow covering our back lawn.
Just wanted to brag that Dean is currently out on a date with his mum and nanna for dinner. I think it is so sweet and I am very proud, what a fab son. (Unlike me who rang my mum today to see if she wanted to take me to the theatre. Hmm, she really lucked out with me.)

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