Thursday, 3 November 2011


Before you scroll down, please note that this post is rated MA 15+.

This week we adopted Charlie, our elf on the shelf. For those of you who aren't up with the Christmas jibe, visit here to learn more.

He seems to have settled in very well. The girls love searching for him each morning and seeing what mischief he has been up to overnight. Day one saw him eating their Halloween treats, day two he was found parking with Barbie and day three, he was clutching an eyeliner pencil and had drawn freckles on Josephine's face! Of course, I didn't get to take a photo as she was mortified and quickly scrubbed her face clean, embarrassed by sisters laughing at her.

Dean and I are having competitions to outdo each other. The freckles, I believe was pure genius (of course, that was mine)! Scroll down to see Dean's attempt to out do me.

I take no responsibility for the image below. Dean's immaturity can be blamed on his parenting. I must admit, that while sitting down having my coffee and watching TV, seeing this out of the corner of my eye, did induce a snort.

Charlie and Barbie playing leaf frog.

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