Sunday, 20 November 2011

Welcome Monday...

We haven't always been friends - not so long ago I hated you, but not anymore! You now mean the end of a weekend of manual labour. Bye bye dirt, dust, sweat and sneakers, hello school runs and skirts.

Perched atop seven metres of scaffolding, Dean, his mum and I painted for nine hours today. It took me two weeks to climb the ladder to see my future bedroom - my girls had been up there three times before I had even peered over the beams, too scared to climb to the top of the ladder.

My first trip to the top this morning, I walked holding both sides of the fencing, crouching as close to the ground as possible. After climbing up and down half a dozen times before lunch to check on children, I was beginning to feel more comfortable. After seven hours, I was lying down painting the underside of the eaves like a pro!

I think the biggest feat for today, other than me conquering my fear of heights, was how amazing my girls were. They entertained themselves underneath us all day without so much as a grumble. I must admit, the occasional head poking up above the first floor, was worrying, but once we had established the rules about climbing up the ladder, they were perfect. I cannot praise them enough, I am so proud that we can do what is needed at our house as a family and not rely on sitters.

Well done my babies, I wouldn't sell you for a million today, you can all have your own room as a reward. Now to just finish them.

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