Friday, 30 December 2011

House Update - Dec11

I had a friendly reminder from my biggest fan, that this month has been disappointing, blog-wise! Dean, who actually lives all the chaos I share on here, actually required an update. Well Darling, this is for you...

The week before Christmas saw a tirade of tradesmen (I don't actually know the correct collective noun, so I thought I would just make one up). We had ceilings, walls and the most divine bi-fold doors done before the jingle of bells. Most of downstairs was adorned with a decorative cornice, and I felt happy driving away for a few days of well deserved Christmas feasting and frivolity.

This week though, there has been no feasting. Dean has been on holidays so we've lived out of a cooler bag, snacking on crackers and downing Powerade like we owned shares. I have been painting windows, balancing atop ladders, contorting with bucket and brush in hand, until my neck seized in protest.

For once, I am actually looking forward to Dean's return to work. I miss having clean floors. I miss my days at home with the girls, the pool, the air-conditioning, the cooked meals, but most of all, the kids routine!

I have attached a few pics as an update. I will post some of the beautiful doors at the back of the house, when I take one without me standing in the reflection wearing my "special" paint splattered clothes!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

We love you!

The photo for our family Christmas calendar.

I procrastinated over these shots for weeks, and funnily today my sister rang me to ask whether I had one for this year - out of panic, I took these shots in the garage! I love the way they turned out. No change of clothes, no waiting for the right light, just simple shots of the girls with amazing smiles.

We love you.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

What keeps me smiling...

Currently our front garden is overflowing with beautiful blooms and nobody to appreciate them. Cate and I placed posies on paint tins and in the open air loo to amuse this weeks tradesmen.

Christmas baubles adorn the porta-fence like jewels, purely for our own joy.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

As promised, the gorgeous photos of my sweet Josie that I took on the weekend (albeit late).

Today, Rose graduated year one, and as expected I bawled. The kiddies danced (and so did the parents), and ate lots of Christmas themed, party food.  I sat with tears streaming down my face, thinking about how much she has blossomed this year.

Cate finished school today too like it was just another day. Being as she is sooo old and mature now, they don't do anything to mark the occasion. No presentation, no concert for the parents, no nativity - nothing. A proud, precious moment in our lives but not worth celebrating at school, sad.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The house is progressing nicely at the moment, but as usual, this time of year is mostly filled with Christmas and graduation celebrations.

Dean and I spent most of Saturday at the house - me painting windows, he dressed as the abominable snowman, filling the ceilings with insulation. My sister, (bless her) had the kids for us and took them to the park for a play, so we worked in silence, stopping only briefly for a quick coffee.

We had a party Saturday night and then more Christmas celebrations for Dean's work on Sunday, so another weekend minus a break saw me arrive at work this morning with the obligatory migraine. Thankfully there is only three days of school this week and we are holidays.

I hope to post some pictures of the house this week as there is a lot going on. Weather permitting (haha), we will be at lockup by the end of next week. The kitchen isn't going to be ready before Christmas, so we can spend the break cleaning up, ready for a flurry of inside activity come new year.

Here are some of the great pics I got of Grace yesterday (not great quality, but that's because it's animated). Every time I see the one of the dog licking her, I snort with laughter. 

(My camera has run out of battery, so I'm unable to download the fantastic ones I took of Josephine. Check back tomorrow for those.)


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Frocking up for the festive season

Her festive top and headband. 
Yesterday my beautiful Josephine graduated from Kindy. The dress code was Christmas attire, so I spent the last week designing and sewing a festive outfit for the occasion.

I know I have done this twice before, but I doesn't get any easier. You would also think I would have remembered to wear less eye make-up, but no. Tears ran freely as she shook her tush while wishing me a "Very Merry Christmas and a groovy New Year".

There were carols, cakes, certificates and the a special visit from Santa himself. A wonderful way to end an amazing year for her. I still find myself thinking she is four and just starting school, but in a few short months, she will be five and at school five days a week!

I sat down today to show her the video of her dancing, and to watch a collection of photos from her teacher, that she had put to music. I would like to say that Greenday's "Time of your life", should be banned from kids DVD's. I dare anyone to watch images of loved ones, with that tune haunting your subconscience, and not start sobbing!

Josephine's wonderful teacher.
I am grateful for these bittersweet graduations where you are reminded of how fast life passes, and how precious your children are. For the first time since becoming a mother, I will have all my children (if only for five hours a week), at school next year.

This time next week, they will officially be on school holidays and I couldn't be more excited. I cannot wait to spend the next seven weeks with my precious girls.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sobbing Saturday. Happy Sunday.

Another weekend of slavery and mood swings. Saturday saw me sobbing in the sweltering heat at the sheer amount of work we have ahead of us. Complete exhaustion suffocating what was left of my motivation, had me unable to use my inside voice!

The girls were purely evil and I could not cope with their mischievous energy. I set up the sprinkler under the scaffolding to exhaust the naughty from them, but sadly evil has no limits, they were possessed!

The cool water soothed my seething, emotional self, but failed to tame the beasts. Playdough, sandwiches, banana peel, pencils, butcher's paper, glitter, paint, glue, ribbon, pompoms and the rest of the craft box were smeared across the lower level of our house while clothes hung from scaffolding. Kids with hand drawn tattoos up and down dirty limbs, refused to be coaxed into cleaning it up. 

Now I have mothered these children long enough to know that they are like a virus - they attack you when you are feeling down. Today I woke up feeling stronger and ready to tackle another day at the house but alas, a metamorphosis. They played perfectly, no fights or arguments and when I picked up the broom, they reached for one too. They played in the sand, made ice creams and biscuits from playdough, danced to music and played "mums and sisters". They also set up a beauty parlour while we were upstairs painting...

Make up by Rose.
Make up and nails by Cate. (Note the eyebrows!)
The angels (after the exorcism). 
The girls and I clocked off early today, as this house, much to my displeasure, doesn't clean itself. I am sitting here with my washing and ironing done, floors washed and bags packed ready for school tomorrow, all while four sweet babies lie sprawled across three beds. Happiness. Happy it is over.

(In case some of you need a visual as to why I am suffering from a bout of once-a-week bipolar, please see below.)


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