Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Frocking up for the festive season

Her festive top and headband. 
Yesterday my beautiful Josephine graduated from Kindy. The dress code was Christmas attire, so I spent the last week designing and sewing a festive outfit for the occasion.

I know I have done this twice before, but I doesn't get any easier. You would also think I would have remembered to wear less eye make-up, but no. Tears ran freely as she shook her tush while wishing me a "Very Merry Christmas and a groovy New Year".

There were carols, cakes, certificates and the a special visit from Santa himself. A wonderful way to end an amazing year for her. I still find myself thinking she is four and just starting school, but in a few short months, she will be five and at school five days a week!

I sat down today to show her the video of her dancing, and to watch a collection of photos from her teacher, that she had put to music. I would like to say that Greenday's "Time of your life", should be banned from kids DVD's. I dare anyone to watch images of loved ones, with that tune haunting your subconscience, and not start sobbing!

Josephine's wonderful teacher.
I am grateful for these bittersweet graduations where you are reminded of how fast life passes, and how precious your children are. For the first time since becoming a mother, I will have all my children (if only for five hours a week), at school next year.

This time next week, they will officially be on school holidays and I couldn't be more excited. I cannot wait to spend the next seven weeks with my precious girls.

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