Monday, 12 December 2011

The house is progressing nicely at the moment, but as usual, this time of year is mostly filled with Christmas and graduation celebrations.

Dean and I spent most of Saturday at the house - me painting windows, he dressed as the abominable snowman, filling the ceilings with insulation. My sister, (bless her) had the kids for us and took them to the park for a play, so we worked in silence, stopping only briefly for a quick coffee.

We had a party Saturday night and then more Christmas celebrations for Dean's work on Sunday, so another weekend minus a break saw me arrive at work this morning with the obligatory migraine. Thankfully there is only three days of school this week and we are holidays.

I hope to post some pictures of the house this week as there is a lot going on. Weather permitting (haha), we will be at lockup by the end of next week. The kitchen isn't going to be ready before Christmas, so we can spend the break cleaning up, ready for a flurry of inside activity come new year.

Here are some of the great pics I got of Grace yesterday (not great quality, but that's because it's animated). Every time I see the one of the dog licking her, I snort with laughter. 

(My camera has run out of battery, so I'm unable to download the fantastic ones I took of Josephine. Check back tomorrow for those.)


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