Friday, 30 December 2011

House Update - Dec11

I had a friendly reminder from my biggest fan, that this month has been disappointing, blog-wise! Dean, who actually lives all the chaos I share on here, actually required an update. Well Darling, this is for you...

The week before Christmas saw a tirade of tradesmen (I don't actually know the correct collective noun, so I thought I would just make one up). We had ceilings, walls and the most divine bi-fold doors done before the jingle of bells. Most of downstairs was adorned with a decorative cornice, and I felt happy driving away for a few days of well deserved Christmas feasting and frivolity.

This week though, there has been no feasting. Dean has been on holidays so we've lived out of a cooler bag, snacking on crackers and downing Powerade like we owned shares. I have been painting windows, balancing atop ladders, contorting with bucket and brush in hand, until my neck seized in protest.

For once, I am actually looking forward to Dean's return to work. I miss having clean floors. I miss my days at home with the girls, the pool, the air-conditioning, the cooked meals, but most of all, the kids routine!

I have attached a few pics as an update. I will post some of the beautiful doors at the back of the house, when I take one without me standing in the reflection wearing my "special" paint splattered clothes!

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