Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sobbing Saturday. Happy Sunday.

Another weekend of slavery and mood swings. Saturday saw me sobbing in the sweltering heat at the sheer amount of work we have ahead of us. Complete exhaustion suffocating what was left of my motivation, had me unable to use my inside voice!

The girls were purely evil and I could not cope with their mischievous energy. I set up the sprinkler under the scaffolding to exhaust the naughty from them, but sadly evil has no limits, they were possessed!

The cool water soothed my seething, emotional self, but failed to tame the beasts. Playdough, sandwiches, banana peel, pencils, butcher's paper, glitter, paint, glue, ribbon, pompoms and the rest of the craft box were smeared across the lower level of our house while clothes hung from scaffolding. Kids with hand drawn tattoos up and down dirty limbs, refused to be coaxed into cleaning it up. 

Now I have mothered these children long enough to know that they are like a virus - they attack you when you are feeling down. Today I woke up feeling stronger and ready to tackle another day at the house but alas, a metamorphosis. They played perfectly, no fights or arguments and when I picked up the broom, they reached for one too. They played in the sand, made ice creams and biscuits from playdough, danced to music and played "mums and sisters". They also set up a beauty parlour while we were upstairs painting...

Make up by Rose.
Make up and nails by Cate. (Note the eyebrows!)
The angels (after the exorcism). 
The girls and I clocked off early today, as this house, much to my displeasure, doesn't clean itself. I am sitting here with my washing and ironing done, floors washed and bags packed ready for school tomorrow, all while four sweet babies lie sprawled across three beds. Happiness. Happy it is over.

(In case some of you need a visual as to why I am suffering from a bout of once-a-week bipolar, please see below.)


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