Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A few days of floods (rain and tears)!

This past week the weather has been very angry with someone!

Last Friday we had hailstones the size of marbles, flash flooding and, lightning, then happy, blue skies all within an hour. My MIL's house flooded leaving us living out of our bedroom for 4 days. I got a glimpse of how it would be if we went caravanning - that won't be happening any time soon {or ever}.

Our roof was scheduled to be removed the same morning, but luckily, our roof carpenter waited the storm out before exposing my beautiful original cornices and ceiling roses to the tempestuous weather. This means that within days, our new roof will meet the existing roof, to make our home officially at lockup. {smile}

On Saturday we confirmed our kitchen, and with great excitement, look forward to a 4 week turnaround. This means we could be home within 6 weeks!

It was high thirties on the weekend and we got busy, painting the eaves atop the scaffolding, before the tin goes on. The girls entertained themselves by graffitiing their bedroom floors, to be left as a time capsule when we cover them with floorboards.

Mum, take note - I see curls on Cate, don't you?

Cate's self portrait - she laid on the floor while my MIL traced her outline.

Today was my beautiful Josephine's fifth birthday, I really want to dedicate a whole post to her, but I have burst into tears at least 5 times today, so may wait until I am less emotional. Here is a peek at her new bike and adorable ladybird helmet. (Photo taken on the iphone and lazily edited in Camera+ - sorry, I was very scattery today.)

Happy birthday my sweet baby. I love you so, so much. Mmmmwa! {sob}

Have a great Australia Day week!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Days DIY and Craft

"What craft have you done this week?" Every Monday when I went to work, Josephine would ask me this question. This Monday was my first day back at work after Christmas break, and Josie is away frolicking throughout America and Europe, so I wasn't able to answer her this...

Friday and Saturday nights...

A roman blind for Rose's new yellow bedroom, complete with pompom embellished base. This was much more difficult than I had anticipated. I chose an unlined fabric, so I had to line it with a blockout and then sew a large blind without the forgiveness of a patterned fabric. I am very proud of this one!

Saturday and Sunday nights...

Dean helped (took over), make this upholstered, aubergine bedhead for Josie's new bedroom. It is a velvet and was a very simple job for how amazing it looks.

Sunday I also picked up three, bargain priced, secondhand chandeliers from Gumtree. One of those buys that makes you smile thinking about it. The seller had 3, all the same style, in amazing condition, in three different sizes. Perfect for my bedroom, ensuite and dressing room. {Smiling again now thinking about them.}

And today, the girls and I did some pottery. I bought some air-dry clay to make some little bowls I'd been wanting to buy for years. They were so easy that even Grace, at three, was churning out little drink coasters. Here is a sneak peek, remember these haven't finished drying or been glazed and sealed. I can't wait to finish them. I will definitely be making some of these as ornaments for the tree this year.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My mind is a flutter...

Today, I finally completed the little project I mentioned months ago! My Heart is a Flutter (v2).

This is the second version, because the first one was a little crowded. It has turned out nothing like I'd envisioned, but that is probably because this was a compromise. The frame cost $4.50, and so that determined the layout and size. I am however, very happy with the outcome, but I do feel the initial reason for using a butterfly die cut, is lost in translation!

My Heart is a Flutter. I had pictured butterflies arranged in a heart shape, now I just think that an actual heart die would have been easier to fit tiny heads into.

Still, this will grace my walls for years to come, until I have time to make another. The remainder of this week is reserved for a yellow, polka dot roman blind for Rose's room and a lavender, velvet, studded bed head for Josephine.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Princess Grace

My baby frocked up for a day at home today, our first since before Christmas. Dean went back to work  and I missed him like crazy, but I was also completely grateful for not having to drag us all to the house!

Today was spent cleaning my MIL's house from top to bottom, packing some more of our stuff, preparing for our move home - the only way to keep my mind believing it is actually going to happen.

The house has come to a standstill. We cannot be there until weekends again, and there is no sign of tradesmen in the foreseeable future. Sigh, I feel a new school year around the corner, and no date of completion.

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