Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Days DIY and Craft

"What craft have you done this week?" Every Monday when I went to work, Josephine would ask me this question. This Monday was my first day back at work after Christmas break, and Josie is away frolicking throughout America and Europe, so I wasn't able to answer her this...

Friday and Saturday nights...

A roman blind for Rose's new yellow bedroom, complete with pompom embellished base. This was much more difficult than I had anticipated. I chose an unlined fabric, so I had to line it with a blockout and then sew a large blind without the forgiveness of a patterned fabric. I am very proud of this one!

Saturday and Sunday nights...

Dean helped (took over), make this upholstered, aubergine bedhead for Josie's new bedroom. It is a velvet and was a very simple job for how amazing it looks.

Sunday I also picked up three, bargain priced, secondhand chandeliers from Gumtree. One of those buys that makes you smile thinking about it. The seller had 3, all the same style, in amazing condition, in three different sizes. Perfect for my bedroom, ensuite and dressing room. {Smiling again now thinking about them.}

And today, the girls and I did some pottery. I bought some air-dry clay to make some little bowls I'd been wanting to buy for years. They were so easy that even Grace, at three, was churning out little drink coasters. Here is a sneak peek, remember these haven't finished drying or been glazed and sealed. I can't wait to finish them. I will definitely be making some of these as ornaments for the tree this year.

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