Thursday, 5 January 2012

My mind is a flutter...

Today, I finally completed the little project I mentioned months ago! My Heart is a Flutter (v2).

This is the second version, because the first one was a little crowded. It has turned out nothing like I'd envisioned, but that is probably because this was a compromise. The frame cost $4.50, and so that determined the layout and size. I am however, very happy with the outcome, but I do feel the initial reason for using a butterfly die cut, is lost in translation!

My Heart is a Flutter. I had pictured butterflies arranged in a heart shape, now I just think that an actual heart die would have been easier to fit tiny heads into.

Still, this will grace my walls for years to come, until I have time to make another. The remainder of this week is reserved for a yellow, polka dot roman blind for Rose's room and a lavender, velvet, studded bed head for Josephine.

Wish me luck!

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