Thursday, 2 February 2012

School shenanigans!

The new school year is upon us, and I've found that it has taken only one day to feel like we had never been on holidays. 

As usual, I was very melancholy about my girls growing up and being full time school kids. Josephine, turning five the week before school, started the tears that officially ended today.

The first day was uneventful for them. They were so excited to see their friends again, they didn't even notice their teary mum, driving to school with watery eyes and streaky mascara. Cate shooed me off with a wave and an, "I'm fine, see you later", while Rose was sitting at her new desk, guarded by friends and mothers preventing my embarrassing, smothering of kisses from actually connecting with her! Even Josephine wedged herself between her friends and contently listened to another mother reading them a story, oblivious to my presence. 

I know that there are mothers out there that have to have their children surgically removed on the first day of school, hysterical, terrified children begging them not to leave - not me. It has taken me a few years to accept this, and not take it personally - they don't hate spending time with me, they just love school and being with their friends. {Shh, amuse me}

Grace had her first day today, technically it was only an hour, but it was her very first time away from me (not including with family). I was nervous {secretly hoping} she wouldn't {would} want her mum and need consoling and cuddles. She is my last baby to start school, I was feeling broken and needy - why wasn't she!!!! She didn't hug me, hold me that little bit longer than usual, kiss me or wave goodbye - she nodded! Heartless.

The last few days of holidays saw me hoping they would start fighting, get grumpy, bored or naughty, just so I would be semi-happy to hand them over to their teachers, grateful for the serenity, but no. They were sweet angels and my heart hurt thinking about how much I would miss them - until now. Grace was so bored and lonely today that she was impossible. After adding another small child (Josie finishes at lunchtime for two weeks), things just worsened. I found myself counting the hours until bedtime, made an innutritious dinner, and turned the tv on for distraction, minutes after entering the house. 

Yes, one day in and things have turned pear-shaped! 

Watch out teachers, these two have the devil in them!
(Not naughty, just cheeky and mischievous)
Cate gets sick two days before school starts,
after a perfectly health holiday.  Typical!
With her school bag - packed to the brim
with whatever she could shove into it!
My sweet year two!

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