Thursday, 15 March 2012

Drowning, not waving!

Helloooo. Yes I am still here - just!

Things have been insanely busy around here and I've really had to prioritise my workload. Naturally the kiddies and Dean come first, then the house, then the list continues down, and at about 20 sits me. This would explain why I have been served with a delightful sinus infection I don't have the energy to fight.

Sickness aside, the house has made a huge transformation from worksite, to almost resembling a home again. The floorboards have been sanded, walls and ceilings painted, kitchen semi-installed, fencing started and a beautiful set of stairs now replace the ladder to our bedroom. I really wanted to have a set of before and afters but this will have to suffice for now, hopefully keeping those of you requesting an update happy.

The kitchen is only partly installed. The white Caesarstone bench tops are getting made, so the rest of the cupboards are sitting in the living area, waiting to be hung.

A. This is where my bi-fold appliance cupboard will go. I had one before and would never design a kitchen without one.

B. I have ordered a mirrored back for my island bench. I may regret this decision as I realise it will need to be cleaned constantly, but I think it will look amazing! The base cupboards are a black gloss, they will need a lot of cleaning too as they are handleless, push to open.

C. The overheads will be white.

The stairs are my pride and joy - a big investment, in cost and in time. They were crafted onsite and so far I have spent over four hours masking them for painting and just as many priming them. The treads and handrail are jarrah and all the rest will be white. It is a luxury to not have to climb a ladder to my bedroom!

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