Monday, 23 April 2012

Wiping away the dust!

For those of you who see this in your reader, and falsely think you are about to read an informative, interesting post, sorry.

I am here purely to wipe the dust from my forgotten little blog, and tease you further with promises of finished photos. The house is two weeks from habitation! Not five star living, but an easy 3. 

I have started moving beds into the girl's rooms and hung curtains. We have a working kitchen (minus the power thing), a toilet that is attached to the floor and plumbing - no more kids falling off the loo and buckets of water to flush. And, the tiles are laid and every time I catch a glimpse of their graphic beauty, I smile. 

Here are a few snappies of unfinished bits taken on my iPhone for reference, so please excuse the quality and lack of lighting (we still have no power).

Rose' bedroom. This was the day we moved the beds in so, no dressing has been done yet.
The blind and frames are still lying on the floor.
The bedhead Dean and I covered for Grace.
After many hours of procrastination, I have decided her room is
going to be white,  pink with white polka dots, and have gold accents.
Rose' room again (still without the drawers in the dresser and frames hung).
The light shades I have collected to hang over our dining table.
I still haven't figured out how to hang them - another source of procrastination!
Sadly, school holidays are over in 2 days, and we aren't home, but I have completely enjoyed every minute of the break. The girls have been so much fun and really happy with just the company of each other. I will miss them terribly on Thursday, but know the move will keep me considerably exhausted!

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