Sunday, 13 May 2012

Home sweet Mother's Day

It has been an eventful few weeks in our family.

Last weekend, we packed the truck, full, ready for our big move home. Dean reversed it into our driveway and excitedly we started to unload the boxes. Dean bent to place his third box inside and... couldn't get up! He had put his back out.

I packed the kids back up and we went back to my MIL's. It was gut wrenching.

The week passed with Dean flat out (literally) off his head (literally) and me on the verge of a nervous breakdown (literally)! The girls slept on makeshift beds with scatter cushions and blankets. Dinners were made in the toaster and we dressed from a clothes basket. Back at home, there were four bedrooms with beds made and clothes hanging in their robes, a kitchen with cupboards full of food - but I couldn't bring myself to pack it up, and take it back to my MIL's house! I was broken.

But, yesterday, with Dean walking again, WE MOVED IN. The house is not finished, not nearly "come over for a coffee" ready, but we can live in it. We are sleeping in the spare bedroom that has spent the last 18 months filled with our old doors, power tools, boxes and crap. All that remains, but pushed to the side to make room for our bed. Our alarm clock sit atop our old gas heater that is shoved to one side of the room - ahh, the serenity!

We have no sinks in the bathrooms, so teeth and getting brushed in the laundry. And, we have NO DOORS! There is something about a door on your toilet that keeps the spark in a marriage. I am all about sharing, but when I am casually putting washing away and walking through the house and see Dean's loo {with a p} face, I just lose a little bit love, and after the past week, we needn't lose any more love!

Anyway, I do have some areas of gorgeousness that I am happy to surround myself with, to make the doorlessness bearable. And, today was Mother's Day and I can't think of a better present than to wake up in my own home, surrounded by my perfect babies, bearing beautiful gifts. {smile} **

Please excuse my photos - I can't find either of my two cameras as they are still packed -  these come courtesy of Dean's iphone.

My favourite place - my dining table.
I have been collecting coloured shades and love what Dean has done.
My Mother's Day gifts. Pjs and slippers from Peter Alexander.
Cate has been introduced to online shopping, I just send subtle hints like -
"Hmm, Peter Alexander have some lovely slippers on their website."
I did my best to let my girls bake me a cake for Mother's Day - in the Thermomix. It was embellished with appropriate pink hearts.

Dean helped Grace make the coffees.
My tulips - another gift.

We haven't yet bought back all of their toys from Nanna's, but Grace was content just "being a mum", with her handbag and heels - a minor problem when you have just had your floorboard sanded and polished. Easily fixed with some spare felt, furniture stickers - a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

I hope all mums out there had a fabulous day. I wish my mum a super Mother's Day - I love you to bits.

Thanks to Dean and my gorgeous girls for the beautiful presents and fabulous day. A necklace beaded with straws, framed artwork and photos, plus a lovingly decorated place mat from the girls, make being a mum the best job in the world. I love you to the moon and back.

**That one was for you Tam!

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