Saturday, 23 June 2012

House Update June 2012

Finally, I am feeling settled enough to show some pics of our home. Sadly, all the parts you don't see in these photos, are still unfinished. We technically don't have any rooms finished.

I do however, have many places throughout our home, that make me smile and motivated to push this reno over the finishing line. Overall, I am very happy with the feel of our home. I love the colour palette and feel we achieved beautiful continuity between the old and new.

I do hope to take some shots of the girls' rooms tomorrow, but that does mean I would have to make them clean, so don't hold your breath! Would love to hear your comments.

A small disclaimer - 
  • We have no windows in the playroom, so the images are very dark. 
  • Yes, I have colour coordinated the bookshelf - doesn't everyone? 
  • I am missing the drawers in our bedside tables, they are still being painted - a beautiful, creamy, metallic gold. 
  • I bought the table from Gumtree for $200 and painted it black. When it gets warmer, I plan on repainting it in a pink, then a turquoise, then black again, so when the girls chip it, a rainbow of pretty colours show through.
  • These chairs came with the table. I will add a couple of Louis Ghost chairs to the table too and some pretty cushions on my end chairs.
  • The chandelier above the dining table was made by Dean and myself. Adorable, coloured glass shades hang at different lengths. My favourite thing!
  • The chandelier over my bath is also a Gumtree find. Three, antique, crystal chandeliers of varying sizes for $200 - perfect for my bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy birthday Miss Nine

You've come a long way baby.

Love mummy and daddy. xx
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