Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eight candles for Rose

Today is my Rosie's birthday - eight years of pure bliss; infectious giggles; running, not walking; sweetness, and love.

I am so proud to be this little angels mother, who is led by her heart, has no fear, and NEVER gives up. An example of how we should all live our life.

Rose, never lose who you are, the world is a better place with you in it.

We love you so much and thank God every day for trusting us with such an amazing person.

Change the world Baby!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lessons for my daughters

Last week my baby turned four! Four wonderful years I have been the mum to four amazing little girls, and all of the sparkles, pink and sweetness of the party has had me thinking, "What do I want my girls to learn from me?"

Now, I am not talking about manners, independence or the long list of social skills we are already teaching them, I am talking about the lessons only a mother can teach - the 'rules' we teach our children that don't make them a better or worse person, but save them a subscription to Vogue or Better Homes and Gardens when they are older.

For me, I will never forget my mother's constant opposition to wearing red with pink. To make it clear, red and pink are my favourite colour combo and have been since leaving home, but I feel her words burning in my ears every time I disobey her. I had children in little pink outfits with red dots or bows long before she let it go.

I am also rarely seen in tracksuit pants, partly because I am allergic to exercise and know people would never believe I was on my way to the gym, but mostly because of my dad. Yes, my dad who in every way is NOT a gentleman, but would never be seen publicly in tracksuit pants. Surprisingly, he has a few other little rules about clothes, shoes and manners that I find completely hilarious, but feel I stick to because if someone so 'rustic' can have his own loose version of social etiquette, then so can I. 

While I was dressing for a dinner date with Dean last week, I found myself having to explain the difference between leggings and footless tights - beyond the obvious. This is one of those things I need to teach the girls and I think they would care a whole lot more than Dean did! 

Applying sunscreen every day, the difference between a wedge and a stiletto and when it is appropriate to wear each of them, and with what. We need to talk about how to make a bed (using hospital corners - thanks mum), how long to boil an egg to eat with soldiers or to use in a salad, and when to wash in cold or hot water. 

I want them to have basic sewing and knitting skills, I need to show them how to braid in no less than 5 ways, the difference between a weed and a plant, how to prune roses, bake a cake and fold clothes so they don't need ironing. I would add 'how to hang clothes on the line correctly', but Dean is still annoyed at my mother for teaching me incorrectly!

All this amounts to lots of skills and knowledge that won't change their life, or make them better people, I know that, but when I see a rose growing from a plant I pruned and nurtured, I feel joy. Watching one of my girls dance around in a dress I worked on until midnight, makes me smile inside, and baking a beautiful cake, full of nothing that will fuel their growth but filled with love, brings pure happiness.

All lessons I feel is my duty to teach our future fashionistas/homemakers, but don't feel pressure to follow suit, I will not judge you if you don't feel the need to educate your blossoms on such trivial things as hosiery. Teaching a daughter how to dress appropriately may seem shallow to some, but I'm sure we have all had a day in the past few years where we have said under our breath, "Those tights are see-through Love, that top is not a dress!"  You know who you are!

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Friday, 7 September 2012

My champion girl!

I have been meaning to post this picture for a week now, but the camera cord issues continue, so this is from my phone.

Congratulations to my super awesome Rose, for winning her first trophy at the school athletics carnival last week. There was no hiding how proud I was - I may have sent expletives to my mother via text, and I may have cried in public! My excuse - I am new to this winning thing, I've not adorned any blue (red, yellow or green) ribbons myself, so felt the need to celebrate.

We are super proud of you Rose. Love you. xx

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The weeks that were.

To avoid rambling, I am going to bullet point the highlights of my last few weeks...

  • My verandah has started. {High five - pool party, my house this summer.}
  • I finished the curtains for the living area and love them.
  • My Rosie won Champion Girl for her age at the school athletics carnival. {High ten! I am so, so proud of my amazing girl, I almost embarrassed us all by turning into a soccer mum.}
  • I repurposed my coffee table and painted it with chalkboard paint. The kids LOVE it.
  • My baby turned four. {Happy tears.}
  • I threw my baby a fairy party - fairy included!
  • I made my favouritest dip (I know this doesn't really count as a highlight, but if you tasted it, I'm sure it would make your day too - maybe even your week!)
Now, of course I have photographic evidence of all of this but... I can't find the cord that connects my camera to my laptop. {sigh} I do have a few dodgy shots from my phone that give you the idea. The recipe for the dip will be at the end of the post, for those of you who need something to enjoy with your Jatz this weekend. :)

Enthralled by the two fairies!
Love my new curtains.
The party food on the new chalkboard coffee table. Two photo ops in one!
The cake. The response from most was, "I've never seen a brunette fairy before!"??

Artichoke Dip
300g parmesan cheese
1 block of Philly cheese
1 tin artichokes
1 clove of garlic
1 small shallot (optional)

I chop the garlic and shallot in the Thermomix, then add the parmesan and do the same. Add the artichokes and Philly, pulverise and warm at 60 degrees for about 5 minutes. (This could easily be done in a food processor and then heated in the microwave.)

Serve warm, eat lots and make often!

Happy Tuesday.
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