Saturday, 13 October 2012

Real mums use a torch!

A few weeks ago I obviously had too much spare time (at 11.30 at night), and found myself unable to put down this post from Mamamia. It wasn't the actual post that had me hooked, but the comments. 

It's situations like this that make me wonder how we became such a sensitive bunch of so-and-sos, and when did we lose our sense of humor?

So before I continue, I would like to announce that the following should not be taken seriously! I have four children therefore I have a sense of humor - it keeps me from crying myself to sleep (again, a joke - clarification for the sensitive).

Last night we had the unpleasantness of finding out one of our babes had worms. Argh, yucko! This was not our first time and I vividly remember being completely repulsed last time too. I had the unwanted job of ringing/texting and telling in person, those mothers we had shared finger food with recently, the shameful news. 

I think the most shameful part was their inexperience in this area and their confusion as to how we knew - this proved they had never experienced Combantrin!!! Oh there is no better way to make friends with the mothers of your kiddies friends, than describing the act of using a torch to confirm your fears. 

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you would know about our 'last day of school holidays ritual' - pyjamas, movies, kids choice of feast foods - not today. My washing machine ran from dawn til dusk, the clothesline was a rotation of pastel sheets and every pair of pjs my kids own, and when the sun went down, the dryer hummed until 11pm. The antibacterial wipes were my best friend today, the worms were not!

So, in conclusion I would like to add headlice (which we have so far avoided), and worms to that unwritten list of things that 'make' us mothers! Yuck. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bali 2002

Ten years ago today, my husband and twenty of his friends were in Bali celebrating Dean and his friend Paul's impending nuptials on their end of season football trip. Their night started with dinner and drinks, and ended in disaster.

I vividly remember how I felt being woken by a frantic Dean, telling me there had been an explosion, that he was ok and had to go because everyone needed the phone. I lay awake that night with the radio on, listening to the death toll rise, still shaken from scenes of September 11 the year before.

I remember watching footage on the tv with him after he'd made it home in silence. Each year on this day, with the news reports reminding us of the devastation, I would learn a little more of what he saw and experienced.

In two weeks we celebrate ten years of marriage. Together we have four amazing daughters, one angel, a home we have built together and an amazing life - every moment of my day relates to Dean. All of which would never have been, had their taxi arrived on time to take them to Paddy's.

I have a million things to be thankful for every day, but today is going to be saved just for Dean and his very special friends who make their wives lives wonderful too. x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

I'm loving...

Warm weather.
My gorgeous girls.
Home grown roses.
Blue scones.
Dean x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Personal space = peace

I grew up in a modest home. We had 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, one lounge room and one dining table (in the kitchen), yes there was only my parents, my sister and I, but considering most modern homes are four-by-two plus activity/study, we lived compactly! But life was different then, everyone lived smaller because we never locked our doors, we would walk alone to school at five, and our backyards stretched to the park a mile away, we were never on top of each other.

In comparison, my four girls, Dean and I, for nearly eighteen months, lived in 3 bedrooms (four beds) while we supersized our house to five bedrooms, playroom, formal lounge room, two and a half baths, plus study. The ironic thing being that my children bickered constantly, they were on top of each other and didn't really enjoy each other's company, but now that they have their own rooms and a separate playroom, they are having "sleepovers" together!

Rose has so far spent every night these holidays either in the twin bed in Cate's room, or her and Cate have camped in our formal lounge room (disguised as a guest bedroom until further notice). Grace and Josephine have also shacked up together again, sleeping soundly for a good 11 hours. They clean and move their things around in their rooms, then go and sleep somewhere else!

So what to conclude from this? Have they just grown closer or is the idea of their own space making them happier? There is no fighting, they all play for hours together without incident, and they are loving and protective of each other. They are happy just playing at home - sand, dolls, pencils and paper is a days worth of bliss for them.

Now, let's face it, any mum knows that as soon as you brag about something it turns to poo, but I've been observing this phenomenon for four months now and feel confident that this may continue, and what a better challenge than school holidays!

Stay tuned, yes an expensive, physically exhausting way to bring a family together, but worth every penny and aching back it took to get us here. 

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