Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Personal space = peace

I grew up in a modest home. We had 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, one lounge room and one dining table (in the kitchen), yes there was only my parents, my sister and I, but considering most modern homes are four-by-two plus activity/study, we lived compactly! But life was different then, everyone lived smaller because we never locked our doors, we would walk alone to school at five, and our backyards stretched to the park a mile away, we were never on top of each other.

In comparison, my four girls, Dean and I, for nearly eighteen months, lived in 3 bedrooms (four beds) while we supersized our house to five bedrooms, playroom, formal lounge room, two and a half baths, plus study. The ironic thing being that my children bickered constantly, they were on top of each other and didn't really enjoy each other's company, but now that they have their own rooms and a separate playroom, they are having "sleepovers" together!

Rose has so far spent every night these holidays either in the twin bed in Cate's room, or her and Cate have camped in our formal lounge room (disguised as a guest bedroom until further notice). Grace and Josephine have also shacked up together again, sleeping soundly for a good 11 hours. They clean and move their things around in their rooms, then go and sleep somewhere else!

So what to conclude from this? Have they just grown closer or is the idea of their own space making them happier? There is no fighting, they all play for hours together without incident, and they are loving and protective of each other. They are happy just playing at home - sand, dolls, pencils and paper is a days worth of bliss for them.

Now, let's face it, any mum knows that as soon as you brag about something it turns to poo, but I've been observing this phenomenon for four months now and feel confident that this may continue, and what a better challenge than school holidays!

Stay tuned, yes an expensive, physically exhausting way to bring a family together, but worth every penny and aching back it took to get us here. 

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