Wednesday, 16 January 2013

House update Jan 2013

So here it is, a house update.

I must admit we have kind of slowed, the pool is a bit of a distraction. Once the garden around it was done we became shortsighted, seeing only as far as the pool and not the garage behind it missing a roof, or the beheaded cubby patiently waiting to be restored to its former cuteness.

Dean had three weeks over Christmas off and we started strong. He installed the main ensuite cabinetry, laid nearly 90m2 of decking, rolled on some lawn, painted an ugly fence (till the paint ran out), and put together a monstrous, Ikea dresser for Josephine! We then slowed to preparing for our understair pantry to be built, hanging a hammock and swing, and then stopped at simultaneously holding a hose and beer to water in the new lawn!

We have someone building my pantry as we speak, and I am embarrassingly way too excited about a pantry! I also eagerly await the arrival of our trusty plumber to install the taps and basins in the ensuite - I will be able to brush my teeth in the basin instead of the bath... oh yeah!

We may never completely finish painting, I look at the sheer amount and feel overwhelmed by it all. The front render was removed and redone but still hasn't been painted - at first it was because it needed to settle, now I can't be bothered and it is too hot. The stairs still only have the primer on the white bits and the jarrah is still unsealed.

So, to put all this in pictures, here is our house update...
Waiting on the taps. This mirror is just temporary.
Love my sparkly handles (I must get a better shot).
Missing my Christmas tree and embellished living room,
so I just wrapped a lamp in fairy lights and painted a side table in metallic gold.
Dean's well deserved Christmas present.

Love the black granite header on the pool - no regrets
(and no head injuries or third degree burns so far). 
During the removal of the old render, my roses were littered
with old lead paint and plaster!
The biggest dresser in the world and the sweet
felt ball and heart garland the girls and I made for Josie.
A sore point - the pool surround, swatch and actual concrete.
Not happy people!
Sigh, that all looks like hard work, might go get myself a drink and go water the lawn...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Life update January 2013

2013, wow this year my big baby turns 10, double digits, the big ONE OH - oh dear. And my little baby starts kindy, three full days of school - oh crap! I can't tell you how upset I am about this, the only good thing is that it is not 2014 and I have four kids at school full time.

Anyway, before I get all teary and can't type, let me start by showing you a few of my favourite instagram moments from the last few months...

Grace graduates three year old kindy, sob sob.
Matching shoes at work - no wonder Jo and I get along so well.
... and bags, another day, another matching outfit!

My Christmas present from Jo at work. 
My sweet Rose and nephew Fazzy.

Our annual Christmas catch up with my favourite (big) girls!
One of my favourite photos ever!
When she is a teenager and locks me out of the bathroom,
I will remember her just like this.  Love.
Dean's nanna turned 90 in November. Nine and ninety {heart} 
I have a photo from when I was 13 of me, my mum
her mum and my great grandmother - I hope to take
a similar one in March when my nan turns 90 too.
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