Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Life update January 2013

2013, wow this year my big baby turns 10, double digits, the big ONE OH - oh dear. And my little baby starts kindy, three full days of school - oh crap! I can't tell you how upset I am about this, the only good thing is that it is not 2014 and I have four kids at school full time.

Anyway, before I get all teary and can't type, let me start by showing you a few of my favourite instagram moments from the last few months...

Grace graduates three year old kindy, sob sob.
Matching shoes at work - no wonder Jo and I get along so well.
... and bags, another day, another matching outfit!

My Christmas present from Jo at work. 
My sweet Rose and nephew Fazzy.

Our annual Christmas catch up with my favourite (big) girls!
One of my favourite photos ever!
When she is a teenager and locks me out of the bathroom,
I will remember her just like this.  Love.
Dean's nanna turned 90 in November. Nine and ninety {heart} 
I have a photo from when I was 13 of me, my mum
her mum and my great grandmother - I hope to take
a similar one in March when my nan turns 90 too.

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