Craft by me

This and the food page were done when I started this blog. There has been lots more craft and cooking since, please read through some old posts to find more (I am very slack at adding keywords to make them easier to find so you'll have to read then all).

I have many, many things I am inspired by and sometimes wish I had time to do all of them. In my dreams I am an avid sewer, crafty with the crochet needle and make beautiful clothes and accessories. But, I wouldn't have four children if I had time to be all of those things. Instead, I have only had time to do the following.

Some aprons I made for a school fete.
I love this headband on Rose. It has a simple black cross sewn on to fasten it.

Great fabric from

Not my proudest crafting moment, but not my own work -
everyone in the family helped make it.

Josephine was very proud to walk in her Easter Hat parade.

(Made of paper maché, not as heavy as it looks.)
It is an easter egg for those who don't see it straight away!
Some felt party favours for Rose' party guests. Hair bands and brooches.
Love these. They were so easy and look gorgeous on.
The problem I have is that I want to keep them all but they are for the girls to give to their friends as birthday presents. As you can imagine - we have a lot of girls birthday parties.

I do have another project on the go at the moment. An art installation to take pride of place in my newly renovated home. I will keep a photo diary and post it when it is done.

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