Food by me

These photos are just random birthday catering. I'm not professing to be an amazing cook or a caterer, but I do have four kids and did manage to get these done, decorate and put my heels on in time for mass children! Just to remind myself it is possible for future events!
Rose's ice cream birthday cake. Unless you have a cool room, do not attempt this!
2 minutes out to ice, then 5 minutes in before melting.
The easiest and cutest shortbread lollypop biscuits.
Cate's birthday cake and party food.
Flowers in a cake pot.

Not an amazing cake, but amazing she sat long enough without eating it!
Check out the concentration on her face.
Grace's 1st birthday cake.
My nephew's birthday biscuits. A super hero party of course.
He was 3.
Christmas party food. Thanks to Ness for this idea.
Can't take the credit for this one.
Simple, simple, simple.

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